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Aug 02

Fun times

Conversation tonight while tucking H in bed: Me: You are goofy! H: You are a goober! Me: Yep, I am. So I guess I am a peanut! H: Yep! Me: How did you know that? H: Grammy told me. Me: Well, look at you Mr. Smarty pants! H: (In a defensive tone) I’m not a …

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Jul 14

Character Traits – Generosity, Obedience, Honesty & Self- Control

Click here to download: Generosity Click here to download: Obedience Click here to download: Honesty Click here to download: Self-Control I had to laugh at myself as I typed “Click here to download” for each Character Trait. As if we could in essence just input these character traits into our hearts and minds just like …

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Jun 28

Seriously, these kids crack me up…


L: Mom, I have to tell you something. I have been meaning to ask if I can go to the Hub Summer Pool party. Me: what is that?! L: I saw it on a commercial at Gigi’s house and it is going on all summer long. The life guards are real super heroes and Rainbow …

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Jun 17

Character Traits

My good friend, Erryn and I were chatting about how we wanted to incorporate Character Traits of Jesus with memory verses as well as practical ways to apply them. We stubbled onto several blogs that helped us shape up our summer planning. Here are a few of them: Kids of Integrity Frugal Fun for Boys …

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May 17

Funny things the kids say and do…

In the car the other day, we were playing the alphabet game by saying something nice about people in our family. We get through A-D and it was L’s turn to go with E. C leans back to suggest something nice about me and here is their conversation: C: (whispering) tell Mommy she has pretty …

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