Nov 20

Showcase for Kid’s Artwork

Clutter has to be the word I would describe my house lately. We have been slowly getting around to making our house more organized and put together. This is not my strong suit.  It actually takes me a really long time to gets things just so.  Lately with the kids bring home so many projects and pictures I have been wanting a specific place to showcase them.  A place that the kids know they can go hang projects up and get them off of my countertops.

Here is a before picture of our wall art project:


Here is the After!  I am so happy with how this turned out! This project took a short time to do and was very cheap to make.  Here  is what you will need:

Measuring Tape

Clothes Pins(10-15 depending on the size and distance you choose to space your apart)

Spray paint in color of choice

6ft or 8 ft – 1 X 4 wood board

Wood glue

6 screws

6 wall anchors

STEP 1 – Decide how long you want the length of your finished board to be.  Mine was 81 inches longs.  So I decided to use 10 clothes pins spaced 8 inches apart.

Please ignore my dirty floors…I did!


Here are the spacing measurements for wood glueing each clothes pin onto my finished board.

STEP 2 – Take clothes pins apart.  Spray paint the wooden pieces.  Let dry for at least an hour before putting back together.  BTW, the putting back together is hard on your hands.

I really wanted to keep the spring part silver for the contrast, but you could choose to spray paint the entire clothes pin and save yourself some time and hands.


While the clothes pin were drying, Corban and Papaw went on a mission to find a 1 X 4 in Papaws shed. They actually found a perfect piece to sand down and cut to the exact size I needed.  Meanwhile, I was enjoying being with Hayden and Landice outside on a beautiful day.

It is amazing how they can go from sweet to…


crazy, weird mode in 2.5 seconds flat…

Papaw and Corban arrive with the FREE piece of wood.  So, while I move on with the project they decide to play a good old game of chase.  I love that Papaw can and will still run and play with my kids.



 STEP 3 – Spray paint 1 X 4 piece of wood.  Allow to dry for at least an hour.  I let mine dry over night. Also, remember that you don’t have to paint the back side because it will be mounted to the wall. My OCD wouldn’t let me leave the backside unpainted. Weird, I know!


STEP 4 – Pull out those spacing measurements you wrote down before.  Recheck measurements by placing all clothes pins in their assigned places.


STEP 5 - Then, you can glue each piece down.  I found that leaving the measuring tape on the board helped when laying each clothes pin down. Also, the glue will ooze out the sides but you can easily wipe around the pins with a damp rag.  

STEP 6 – Mount your new board to the wall using 4-6 wall mounts and screws.



I LOVE how this project turned out!  So, here’s to hoping our house will be a little more organized!


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  1. Michelle

    It looks so great! Love it!! Thanks again for having us over on Thursday, we all enjoyed it so much!

  2. Robin

    That is the most awesome way to hang your kids art!

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